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Issue 284 – Councillors’ boost is pitch perfect

A bid to bring a new football pitch to Frome has been given a funding boost by three local councillors.

Somerset county and Frome town councillors Peter John, Maggy Daniell and Alvin Horsfall donated money to the Frome Collegians Football Club.
In total, the three councillors handed over £2,100 to Graham Clarke, the club’s president. The money came from the councillors’ community budgets.
Councillor Maggy Daniell explained, “Each councillor has a £10,000 community budget which is to be spent on things that benefit people in the community. This new pitch will be well used by many people in the community which can only be a good thing for the town.”
Councillor Peter John added, “My view is that they’re a good club and they do a lot of good work in the town for youth. They have been working to get their own facilities for a long time so any help they can get is worthwhile.”
Planning permission was granted for the new pitch earlier this year. The club’s committee was delighted as plans for a new pitch have been in the pipeline for over 20 years.
Frome Collegians president Graham Clarke, who has been with the club for over 20 years said, “We’re very grateful to the councillors for making this donation. It’s a lot of money and helps us towards our total of £67,000.
“We’re nearly there but are still a bit short. It’s great to see the club have a pitch after a longstanding involvement in the club. It has taken a long time to get where we are, but it will be worth it.”

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