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Issue 286 – FAOS presents… Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

After their outstanding success with The Full Monty, the Frome Amateur Operatic Society turn their attentions to more traditional fare now with their always eagerly awaited annual pantomime, which this year is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Auditions were held recently and an exciting cast of new and not so new faces was chosen. In particular the cast will feature six young dancers from Debbie Haines Danceworks and seven young boys playing the dwarfs. Tickets are already on sale and with no pantomime at the Merlin Theatre this year, are expected to sell out quicker than they usually do.
The full cast is as follows:
Snow White: Nicole Wooldridge; Queen Avarice: Joanne Plenty; Edna Bucket: Humphrey Barnes; Chuckles: Davey Evans; Prince Ferdinand: Sophie Rozycka; Fairy Good Fortune: Lou Knight; Justice Quill: Simon Joyce; Scribbles: Tom Carpenter; Merlin: Ross Toten; Slurp: Andy Tawse; Brainy: Oliver Child; Smiley: Finlay Collinson; Blushful: Christian Wye; Snoozey: Jacob Howell; Sniffle: Oliver Wareham; Grumbly: Jake Kneller; Dozey: Tom McAllum.
Child Dancers: Gemma Davis, Maia Fry, Hannah Bilk, Maisie Blaikie, Hannah Blaikie & Millie Harrington. Adult Dancers: Emily Scott, Lyndsey Haines, Lottie Ball, Louise Greenwood & Karen Harley. Chorus: Ashley Stewart, Cindy Soh, Harley Wye, Kim Ball, Leon Driessen & Leigh Walker
All the usual ingredients of traditional pantomime will be present with a slapstick scene, audience participation, song sheet, a man dressed as a woman and a girl dressed as a boy, plus a fantastic list of musical numbers that includes songs by Michael Jackson, The Blues Brothers, High School Musical and Queen. The box office is already open and the equivalent of one full performance has already been sold out of the total of eight available, so please do book now by contacting 01373 462795.
Pictured above: Snow White played by Nichole Wooldridge with the Seven Dwarfs played by Oliver Child, Finlay Collinson, Christian Wye, Jacob Howell, Oliver Wareham, Jake Kneller and Tom McAllum.

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