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Issue 286 – There’s only one show!

In an unusual twist of fate, Frome was officially twinned with the BBC’s One Show programme last week.

The show’s presenters, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley flew into Frome last Thursday by helicopter for an unconventional ‘twinning’ ceremony held at Frome Town Council’s offices.
The partnership came about after local businesswoman Mandy Stone, who runs LoveArts in Catherine Hill, entered and won a competition run by the show.
Those who entered the competition had to persuade the presenters that their hometown is the quirkiest in the country. Mandy wrote a poem about the quirks and claims of Frome, which proved to be a winning formula.
During their visit, the presenters met local people including Frome’s town crier Mike Bishop, the town sweep, local man Reg Ling who lights the town’s Valentines Lamp each year, and famed saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis. They dropped in to the Cheese and Grain for some lunch, before heading to the town council offices to persuade Frome’s mayor, councillor Damon Hooton to make the twinning official.
The day’s events were aired on the show the following day, when Mandy Stone made a guest appearance on the show.

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