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Issue 286 – Time to remember

Frome’s community will come together to remember and honour those soldiers who have been killed and injured in service for their country at an annual Remembrance Parade on Sunday 8th November.

The parade will be leaving the army cadet drill hall in Keyford at approximately 10.40am and will take a route through the town, finishing with a wreath-laying ceremony at the war memorial outside the Memorial Theatre.
On the day, those taking part in the annual parade will muster at the Keyford Drill Hall at 10.20am. The short walk will take a route down the hill to the Memorial Gardens, outside the Memorial Theatre, Christchurch Street West.
At 10.45am, before the march, three engraved planters in the Memorial Garden will be dedicated and entrusted to the care of the Frome Memorial Theatre trustees,  to the memory of all who have fallen in war. 
At 10.58am, a formal service will begin with a two minute silence at the Memorial Theatre. Local organisations will then be invited to lay wreaths.
When the parade has been dismissed, members of the public will be welcome to come forward to pay their own respects.  Poppies and crosses will be available at the Remembrance Garden.
The Assembly Rooms will be open after the service for the public to gain warmth and refreshments. Proprietor, Sally Gregory, will be donating takings on coffee to service charities.
At 6.30pm that evening, there will be a formal Service of Remembrance at St. John’s Church, Frome, when the Royal British Legion Standard will be paraded.  All welcome. 
The Poppy Appeal will be collecting for the two weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday.
Jane Norris, who is helping to co-ordinate the day said, “This is an important day in the year’s calendar and one that is becoming increasingly poignant for even the younger generations. With a hymn included for the first time in many years we hope the assembled gathering will feel that the Frome branch of the Royal British Legion will have served them well.”

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