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Issue 286 – Work pays off with park improvements

Over the past year, Frome Town Council has been working to rejuvenate Victoria Park and the Mary Baily field. The town council reports on progress with the project to the Frome Times.  

“This year has seen a whirl wind of activity, everything from new skateboard ramps and zip wire plus a total refurbishment of all of the play equipment, the bits for the well used tyre swing etc have finally arrived with our supplier today!
“Toilet blocks were reconnected with the public by opening up what was once an existing path from the recreational field to the park. These now include baby changing facilities. Which is just as well as the opening of the new tea room has attracted many young families back to the park. Apparently this building used to serve teas back in the early 1950s, now it has been modernised and its use has surpassed all expectations.
“It’s a great place to sit and watch tennis as indeed it was in the 1950s, especially as you can now see the resurfaced courts and I was going to say new fence but this being a new green mesh, it actually blends in, whereas the old rusty one somewhat detracted from the look. Actually this season tennis bookings have doubled on previous years and I would apologise to anyone who missed a game because of the new fence but in fairness it’s now October and still the bookings roll in. Just shows what clearing a little over growth can do. 
“One cannot help but notice the band stand the very last part of which is to re-fix a new weather vane. The re-thatch should last another 40 years or more, along with a wood preserving  treatment that was done at the same time just to make sure. This popular little structure seems to be the only thatched one in the area and this year has played host to numerous bands and concerts.
 “All the old undergrowth has been lowered which gives the whole place an airy open feel and better still, allows us to plant something other than non-descript dark green bushes in favour of flowers and foliage shrubs. Actually this year we have spent close on £1,000 on new plants just in the park alone, with more planned for next season.
“The bowls club continued undisturbed through out all the works. Remember, anyone can play, in fact next season we are holding Roll up Tuesdays – though perhaps the name needs tweaking, the idea is that there will be someone on hand to show you the ropes. Don’t worry about the kit, everything from wooden bowls to tennis rackets and of course the putting green is all available to hire from the parks office.
“Was it all worth it? Just look at the Town Council’s website – the park is for the people of Frome. We are only pleased that so many people once again are finding it a relaxing enjoyable place.”
Pictured: Cllr. Karen Harvey Chair of the recreation and property committee of the town council with the new weathercock soon to be placed on the recently re-thatched band stand in Victoria Park.

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