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Issue 287 – Think local, shop local this Christmas

Think local and shop locally in the lead up to Christmas – that’s the message from Frome’s Chamber of Commerce, mayor Damon Hooton and local traders.

They are urging local people to make the most of what is on offer in their town as the run up to Christmas begins.
Martin Short, president of Frome Chamber of Commerce said, “Christmas is an important time of year for independent traders of which there are many in Frome.
“We would like to encourage everyone who lives in or near Frome to support their town by thinking about local businesses first. If you support local business it helps the local economy to grow and it is also environmentally friendly because you’re not travelling to other towns.
“Frome has a very wide range and variety of independent shops and I think there is something for everyone. It’s also a very pleasant town to walk around and will be looking very festive in the lead up to Christmas.”
The appeal is being endorsed by Frome’s mayor, councillor Damon Hooton as well as the town’s traders.
Councillor Hooton said, “We have a very good range of shops here in Frome from national chains down to independent businesses that rely on business in the lead up to Christmas.
“For many businesses, this time of year is make or break so it’s important to show your support. Our town has a very diverse range of shops and we’re lucky because of that.”
Mark Prince from Studio Prints in Westway said, “It’s important to keep people shopping locally, especially in the lead up to Christmas.
“Fortunately for us we are what you could call a destination shop so we draw in customers from quite a wide area, but anything that can be done to keep them in the town once they’re here can only be a good thing.”
Steve Holman of Telefringe, in King Street said, “It is important to keep trade in the town – many of our customers are local and we value that side of our business as an independent retailer.”
David and Anne Hampson, who run Bonbons sweet shop on Catherine Hill said, “The unfortunate truth is that whilst professing to love towns with independent shops, the majority of people do the bulk of their shopping at supermarkets. So the independents enjoy shorter and shorter lives as without support they cannot thrive and towns become more and more ‘Tesco’lated.
“Every town ends up the same, there is no individuality or uniqueness and the world becomes a blander and poorer place for it. To quote the well known phrase or saying, please ‘use it or lose it’!”

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