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Issue 293 – Could this be the oldest dog in the world?

A FROME woman believes that she may be the owner of Britain’s oldest dog.

Philippa Kaye’s dog Jack, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua, is nearing 23-years-old, which she believes could be a record.
“He’s coming up to 23,” said Philippa, who runs Absolutely Fabulous on Bath Street. “I heard on the radio recently that the oldest dog in the UK had died at 20. Well Jack’s got that licked, could he be the oldest dog in the UK?
“It’s not easy to prove it because I haven’t had him since he was a puppy. I got him from a dogs’ home because the couple who had him before were getting too old. He was 18 then and the couple had him from four-years-old. I’ll have had him five years in July.”
The previous holder of the Guinness World Records’ oldest dog in the world title was held by Otto, a dachshund from Shrewsbury who died in mid-January. If Philippa were able to prove Jack’s age then he would be a contender to take the title.
Philippa says that despite Jack’s incredible age, he hasn’t really slowed down, and still has a bit of a temper.
She said, “He’s lovely with me, but he doesn’t like anyone else! He’s got very crotchety and just hates everyone. You could say he’s tenacious and a bit of a stalwart.
“He’s full of energy, it’s quite amazing. I’ve never heard of a dog as old as him. He’s a bit deaf and doesn’t have the sharpest eyesight, but he can still see and hear, he’s doing pretty well on that front.”
Philippa says she’s looking forward to seeing if other canine contenders step forward now the oldest dog in the world title is up for grabs.