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Issue 293 – I love Frome!

FROME Chamber of Commerce wants to promote the town and encourage a sense of pride by launching an ‘I love Frome’ sticker campaign.

The chamber will provide stickers with the ‘I love Frome’ slogan to businesses and individuals in and around town to reinforce a positive image.
Martin Short, Frome Chamber of Commerce president said, “The campaign is all about two things really.
“The first is promoting the retail businesses in Frome to people in Frome and district so that people in our community will be aware of all the types of businesses, goods and services that are available in Frome.
“Secondly we want to promote the same services and shops to the wider community outside Frome and district.
“We’ll be encouraging businesses and anyone who wants one to put up a sticker in their window or car to spread the message that Frome is a vibrant town with lots to offer, and lots to shout about.
“We want local people to appreciate that and look to do their shopping locally first. We also want people from other places to see the sticker and think, ‘Why do they love Frome? Let’s have a look.’”
The chamber believes that the start of the year provides the perfect opportunity to spread their message.
“It’s as good a time as any to launch this campaign,” said Martin. “It’s the beginning of the year and it will hopefully give the traders a bit of a boost.”
Stickers will shortly be available from Cafe La Strada, Cheap Street.
Pictured left to right Hazel Gould, Martin Short, Sylvia Humph- ries, Jack Gould and Jane Brown. Child in pushchair asleep Jessica Brown.

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