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Issue 294 – Dog fouling crusaders

A GROUP of parents has started a campaign against dog fouling in disgust at the scale of the problem around their children’s school.

The parents, who all have children at St John’s Primary School, have been putting up posters in and around the school’s area to try and get their message across.
Campaign organiser Charlotte Diniz Sanches said, “The recent snow showed up where the dog mess was. It’s such a terrible problem here. The headmaster has told me that on a few occasions they have had to get parents to bring in shoes for their children because it’s been brought into the school. The children sit on the mats and the carpets and I didn’t like that idea. It can spread diseases, people can even go blind from it.
“I’m so cross because every walk to the school is spoiled.”
“I said to a friend that I really fancied starting a campaign against it, and another parent said that she’d be a part of it as her daughter had fallen in some the other week.
The group has put up posters in the school area, and want to put up a lot more across Frome to tackle the problem head on.
Charlotte said, “I’ve spoken to the council to see if they will fund photocopying lots of the posters. We’ve had a few shops say that they will put the posters up in their shop window.
“I don’t know if it will work, but it feels good to be doing something about it.”

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