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Issue 307 – Children’s book inspired by author’s son

Not many 13-year-old boys can tell their friends that they have a novel based on them. Chris White from Nunney Road can though, now that his father’s book ‘Frog’ has hit the shelves.

Joffre White, Chris’ father, was inspired to write the book after making up a series of bedtime stories for his son.
“It all started one night when Chris finished his library book and I started making stories based upon the book’s protagonist, each one about ten minutes long,” Joffre told the Frome Times.
“My wife suggested putting them all together into a book, but I didn’t have any of it written down. Fortunately though, my son has a brilliant memory and we sat down one afternoon and he reminded me of all the adventures.”
The result was ‘Frog’, a fast-paced fantasy tale of a 12-year-old boy, Chris, who discovers a mysterious suit of armour in his garden and is soon transported into a multi-dimensional world of colourful characters.
The book took Joffre about four years to create, working on it during evenings and weekends. The book has been published by Book Guild Publishing and is in shops now.
“Whether it takes off in a big way or not is, in a sense, besides the point now,” said Joffre. “The fact that I have achieved the milestone of being able to see it on the shelf is enough, as well as knowing that people are getting enjoyment out of the book.”
Joffre will be signing copies of ‘Frog’, as well as giving a reading, at Hunting Raven Books, in Cheap Street, from 11.30am to 1.30pm on Sunday 5th September.
He said, “John and Karin at Hunting Raven have been absolutely brilliant – I would like to say a very big thank you to them.”
As well as Hunting Raven, ‘Frog’ is also available from local Waterstones stores and online from WH Smiths and Amazon.
Joffre is already halfway through a sequel book, with a working title, ‘The Sandspiders of Aridian’.

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