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Issue 310 – Specialist status in performing arts

SELWOOD Middle School is justly proud of receiving Specialist Status in the Performing Arts.

This will mean Selwood pupils and indeed the wider community will benefit through the extra funding and therefore the extra events and activities that the school will organise. Part of the funding will also enable the school’s links with Uaddara Basic School in Ghana to flourish.
Headteacher Stephen Kirby said, “We got the green light from our School Improvement Partner at the end of last term who recommended our application ‘without reservation’, but we have been on tenterhooks until we received the official letter from the DFE last week.”
Miss Simmonds, deputy headteacher, who played a leading role in the application said, “We were delighted to hear our bid described as ‘imaginative, comprehensive and ambitious’. We now look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour.”

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