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Issue 324 – Cheese & Grain goes green

Frome Cheese and Grain is investigating the possibility of a solar electricity generating installation on its roof.

The installation would use photo-voltaic panels to produce electricity for the building and for export to the National Grid, under the Feed-In Tariff scheme.
John Birkett-Smith, a Cheese and Grain trustee and former architect said, “The building uses a lot of energy and it would benefit all of us if part of that could be met from renewable sources. The south-east roof slope is near perfect for a large array of panels, with a capacity of generating up to 50 kilowatts. Whether the building continues to be managed by the trust or is taken over by the town council, this project will bring real benefits.”
Peter Macfadyen of Sustainable Frome added, “This is a very viable project and the location of the building would make it ideal for battery charging electric vehicles, using green energy.”
Bristol-based consultants, Solarsense, have carried out an initial study and prepared costings. The project is just part of a larger review of the energy use of the building included in the Cheese and Grain business plan.
Other studies will include a full energy audit and will investigate the possibilities of improved insulation, heat recovery, ground source heating, and other techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

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