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Issue 325 – Charity gigs will raise money for cancer unit

A FROME man who has survived cancer, has organised a series of gigs at the Cheese and Grain to raise awareness of the disease and to raise money for the unit that treated him.

Michael Ford will be putting on a monthly ‘Balls to Saturday’ club nights at the Cheese and Grain just weeks after he was given the all- clear from testicular cancer.
He said, “I want to raise awareness and donations to the ‘It’s in the bag’ charity.
“It’s in the bag’ is the Bristol University Hospital’s testicular cancer charity and support group. They have helped me tremendously with mine and thousands of other men’s battle with their illnesses.”
The first gig night will feature Cast on Saturday June 11th. Tickets are £21 and will also feature a DJ set Rudeboy Fordy and Uncle Paul’s indie disco after the main act. Tickets are available from the Cheese and Grain box office on 01373 455420
“The club nights won’t be about shouting about cancer but subtlety make men and women check themselves regulary and not to be embarrassed about seeing their GP with anything unusual.
“I love good music and aim to get a quality band in of various genres to appeal to the Frome and surrounding areas tastes. a local band will always support the main act and Rudeboy Fordy and Uncle paul will be dj-ing the classics throughout the night as well.”
Michael was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October and was operated on soon after. He began an extensive chemotherapy programme in February. He said, “I was given the all-clear about a month ago. I will need to have check-ups every six months for the next ten years, but I am still here.”

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