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Issue 326 – Young person’s sustainability conference hailed a success

AN event put on by Sustainable Frome to teach young people about the environment is being hailed a success by organisers.

Director of Sustainable Frome, Alex Hart, volunteers and other members of the eco-group, organised the event to communicate environmental issues to young people.
Around 80 young people were present at the event from eight different schools.
Alex said, “The event was great fun and inspirational. All the young people showed great enthusiasm in taking their ideas further, and definitely gained from the feeling of solidarity which resulted from the gathering.
“The aim of the day was to increase communication amongst young people who care about the environment, so they don’t feel they are isolated in their small school groups. Participants on arrival chose a label (each one picturing a different creature or insect, ponds, sunlight, worms, trees or soil etc.) Everyone then took part in an activity which linked all in a huge ‘web’ illustrating how all things are connected and, strikingly, interdependent.
“There is a definite demand for a ‘youth faction’ of Sustainable Frome or something similar where young people can support each other and discuss these sometimes overwhelming issues. Discussions about links with Frome’s forthcoming youth café are already in progress and there will be a strong youth presence at the Green Fair in July.
“Children need to recognise their place in the vast web of life and understand how interconnected it all is. We all need to be exposed to the natural world more, but due to loss of natural habitats, humans are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature and this is bad for our health and the health of our planet. I feel it is our duty as adults to raise awareness of these issues in children, it’s only fair.”

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