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Issue 327 – Frome Lottery offers new top prize of £25,000

Frome Community Lottery has a new prize structure with an increased top prize of £25,000.

This is an increase from the previous top prize of £10,000. The prize for matching five numbers has also increased from £200 to £250.
In addition to bigger prizes, a greater percentage of the proceeds will be distributed to local good causes. These changes have been made possible by reducing the number of draws to one per week.
The Frome Community Lottery was launched in October 2000 to raise money to fund capital projects that involve improving existing or developing new community facilities in the Frome area.
The total amount of funding distributed to local projects by the Frome Community Lottery now stands at over £72,000. A total of 60 different groups and organisations have received funding. This has gone to a very wide range of good causes in Frome and the local villages. These have been in the areas of sport, arts, education, community venues, leisure, health, music, theatres, youth, social care and many others.
Michael Rhodes, chair of the lottery trustees said, “Frome Community Lottery has been making a real difference to life in the Frome area since 2000. I am confident that our new prize structure and our forthcoming plans to further increase the number of players will help ensure that the lottery continues to make a positive difference to our area for many years to come.
“With the Frome Community Lottery people can help local good causes, have some fun and will now be in with the chance of winning a prize of up to £25,000.”
Those wishing to play the Frome Community Lottery can pick up an entry form from the information centre at Frome library or by phoning Michael Rhodes on 01373 473761.
The entry is by standing order. Prizes are paid out automatically, sent by post to the winner’s address. Players can if they wish also check their numbers in the Frome Times where they are published in each issue.

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