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Issue 330 – 20’s plenty for Frome

Sustainable Frome’s Transport Group is leading a campaign to bring slower traffic speeds to Frome and hopes that Frome will become the first town in Somerset to have a town-wide 20mph limit.

Concerns about speeding traffic and the difficulties of crossing our busy roads were identified as a key concern by people responding to the Vision4Frome consultation.
20s Plenty for Frome wants to see a 20mph limit across Frome – this is different to a 20mph zone as no speed bumps are required, and the limit is enforced by speed limit signs of 20mph instead of 30mph and by changing driver behaviour.
Simon Carpenter, of the Sustainable Frome Transport Group says, “This is not about stopping people from driving – but it is about getting people to drive more slowly in areas where people live. This will bring immediate benefits to Frome by making our streets safer to use and cross.
“This is particularly relevant to the journey to school. Cycling and walking are the preferred way in which children would like to travel to school, but many parents are reluctant to let their children travel this way because of the perceived and actual dangers of speeding traffic.
“More and more towns across the country are joining the campaign as they see the many improvements that slower speeds bring to their communities including safer, more liveable streets, less noise and pollution.”
20mph limits are recommended by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, and are proven to cut road deaths by 41%. With lower speeds, almost every road becomes more cycle and pedestrian friendly. Streets that are busy with walkers and cyclists also become safer streets.
The fact that 20mph limits do not require physical traffic calming measures greatly reduces the overall cost and time it takes to implement the scheme. Sustainable Frome’s Transport Group will be looking for support from Frome Town Council before approaching Somerset County Council, the Highways Authority for this area, for funding as part of their ongoing transport plans. Somerset’s Future Transport Plan 2011-2026 aims to help people to travel in a healthy way, such as by walking or cycling, particularly to Somerset’s schools.
Simon added, “Public consultation is central to the campaign. Vision4Frome has been a critical part of this by highlighting the strong feelings that people have towards speeding traffic. To build on this work, Sustainable Frome’s Transport Group would like to engage with as many Frome people as possible before making any formal approaches for funding. A new on-line petition has been created to enable people to register their support and make comments – please go to: www. .”
Members of group will be present at the Frome Festival Green Fair on Sunday 10th July in the Cheese & Grain to answer any questions you may have and to launch the 20’s Plenty for Frome campaign.

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