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Issue 330 – Your traffic concerns discussed

THREE Frome county councillors recently hosted a ‘well attended’ public meeting to discuss local people’s concern over traffic problems and transport needs.

County councillors Maggy Daniell, Alvin Horsfall and Peter John held the meeting at Frome Library.
Cllr Maggy Daniell said, “We would like to thank the residents who came to our ‘Traffic and Transport’ public meeting for their good-humoured and positive attitude.
“Over the next few months we will be working together at the county council to see how we can progress the following issues: • How to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in and around the town, including addressing traffic congestion in the Market Place. • How to tackle the ongoing problem of illegal and dangerous car parking and speeding traffic. • Looking at the question of the routing of HGVs in the town and how to ensure that existing restrictions are observed and enforced. • Working with the providers about how public transport facilities could be improved in the town.
“Clearly some of these can only be progressed by working with other organisations such as the police, Mendip District Council and Frome Town Council.”
The councillors plan to report back to residents in three months about the progress they have made.
They hope to start a new Frome Forum, allowing discussion between residents and local councillors.
“Judging by the response to our own meeting, this is long overdue,” commented cllr Daniell, “and will hopefully lead to more joined-up thinking about the town’s needs by all who live here and all who represent it in local government.”

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