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Issue 331 – New festival storybook character event

IN A Frome Festival first, over 140 people dressed up as their favourite storybook character, at the Cheese and Grain, on Saturday 16th of July. Although the world record for such a gathering wasn’t broken, the organisers said it was a fun new event for the festival.

Performance poet Muriel Lavender and the festival team attempted to bring together the world’s largest gathering of people dressed as storybook characters.
Muriel said, “We may not have made it into the record books, but I think we did something even better, we set a Frome Festival first by gathering together no fewer than 145 people of all ages dressed as their favourite storybook characters. This wasn’t just a unique way to spend a wet Saturday morning, this was history in the making!
“Spirited book-lovers from all over the region had gone to all kinds of effort to make marvellous costumes, in celebration of books they love.
“There were some great costumes, from the Pied Piper to Alica and the Cheshire Cat. There was even a tiny participant in an Enid Blyton-inspired outfit, as well as Miss Marple, Mary Poppins, a magnificent Rapunzel and an adorable little visitor from Kazakhstan.
“Well done Frome, you’ve done it again.”
The event was part of Frome Festival’s day of celebrating literature.
The organisers said, “We love books and reading, and this is a great way to get families together thinking about their favourite characters and costumes.”

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