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Issue 333 – Local support growing for ‘Frome For All’ campaign

‘Frome For All’ has reported a boost in number of supporters following a front page article in the Frome Times.

Frome For All wants to see a vibrant, diverse and thriving town that meets the needs of all. The new group would like to see a good range of new shops in the town centre, including a supermarket large enough to draw many customers back from the out of town stores.
Michael Rhodes one of the founders of ‘Frome For All’ said, “We have received many positive responses from a wide range of different local people. Many of those who contacted us said how pleased they were that at last there was a group to speak up for the many people who can see the advantages to at least one of Frome’s main supermarkets and a range of other new shops being developed in the town centre at Saxon Vale.
“It has become ever more clear to us that very many Frome people want a thriving and vibrant town centre that meets the needs of the whole community. Many of these people would prefer not to use out of town supermarkets or make regular trips to other towns, but find at the moment that this is often necessary.
“Those who have contacted us include local business people who can see that their shops could benefit from a significant increase in the number of people shopping in the town centre. They realise that many local people rarely visit the town centre and that a wider range of shops would attract more shoppers to the benefit of all.
“Another point made by several people was how much benefit a good sized town centre supermarket would be to those without cars or with limited mobility. Many of these people find that they need to go to the out of town stores, but find the taxi fares difficult to afford. They would find it much easier if their supermarket was in the town centre amongst the other shops and services they wish to use.”
‘Frome For All’ acknowledges that there are different views within the local community and reports that a small number of those who made contact were against their campaign.
Michael said, “Some people have talked about a hypermarket or a Tesco Extra. The fact is that we have not seen any proposal for Frome of a scale that approaches even half the size of a typical Tesco Extra. We also do not know who would operate any new store. We want to see a range of new town centre shops to meet local people’s needs, not just a supermarket by itself.”
‘Frome For All’ has already identified five key priorities for any town centre development to help ensure benefits to the community, the environment and the local economy. The new group has stated that it will provide further information and explanation of it’s position over the coming months
Frome For All can be contacted by email at or by texting or calling 07714 460801.

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