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Issue 336 – Westway cinema to re-open soon

FROME’S Westway Cinema is now looking forward to re-opening its doors, following its refurbishment after a fire which broke out less than two weeks ago. Owner of the town’s cinema, Martina O’Connor, praised the response of the public following the fire and says it is hoped that the venue will now be up and running next week.

Martina said, “It was initially thought that the roof, seats and flooring would need replacing. Since the initial report, we have had a professional cleaning team in, who suggest that these works do not need to be completed as there is no deterioration from the ceiling or seats. We are just waiting for the toxicology report to be signed off, then it will be all systems go with the cinema re-opening as soon as possible.”
Charlie Nowlan, the cinema’s projectionist, was all set to open the cinema for a screening of Jane Eyre on Friday 16th of September. Upon opening the doors he discovered thick, black smoke in the cinema and after checking the venue was empty, he locked the doors and called the fire brigade.
“Upon entering the venue, I couldn’t see five feet in front of me,” he said. “The cause of the fire was a plastic radio that had been left on top of a cooker. We believe someone had moved the cooker and accidently flicked the hob on, melting the radio.”
Upon realising the damage of the fire, Charlie put an announcement out calling for people to help clear up. He was not expecting the 30 Frome residents, armed with spades and brushes, to turn up the following morning, who were all set to pitch in with the clean up operation.
“Unfortunately the insurers were still inspecting the premises so no-one could gain access,” said Charlie, “but it was re-assuring to see how much the Westway Cinema means to everyone. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who turned out, the support has been incredible.”
Martina O’Connor added, “It was amazing to see so many people turn up to pitch in. There was an incredible response from the community and that is what Frome is about.”

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