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Issue 339 – Sparkling Christmas trees for a festive Frome

OVER 100 miniature lighted Christmas trees are set to line the shopping streets over the festive period to bring sparkle to the streets.

A group of local traders, led by Jude Kelly of Café La Strada, started the initiative and now over 100 traders have signed up to have a Christmas tree on their shop.
Jude said, “I was led by what Catherine Hill used to do and how beautiful it used to look. We did Cheap Street last year and it looked fantastic and everybody loved it.”
The plan is now to roll the Christmas trees to shops all over the town.
Jude continued, “It will bring a huge amount of sparkle to Frome this year. It’s a look of caring, and will make the town as appealing and Christmassy as possible! This is a place we love and want to look fantastic and it will give a great positive feel, which is certainly what we need in these days of austerity and negativity.
“The theme will be white lights on all the trees to give a uniformed look and air of sophistication and professionalism. It will go with everything else we’re doing over the festive season with the Spectacular coming into the town.”
The trees will be sourced from Barter’s Plant Centre in Chapmanslade, and will be mounted on St Aldhelm brackets, made by Freshlook Engineering in Frome.

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