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Issue 340 – Google eTown award for Frome

FROME has been crowned one of the UK’s eTowns, Google’s first award to recognise towns where businesses are generating the highest rates of growth through the Internet.

Ranked 6th in the country, Frome has experienced a 32.7 percent growth over the last year.
David Heath, MP for Frome said, “Frome never ceases to surprise, and one of its secrets is just how well it’s doing as an on-line business centre. I think we can be proud of the Google e-Town award and I am delighted that our local area has such a growing online spirit. The Internet is playing a key role in Frome’s economic growth, helping local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, and contributing overall to the wider British economy. I hope this award encourages other local businesses to get online and grow online.”
Dan Cobley, MD of Google UK, said, “Frome has much to be proud of, with local business owners turning to online opportunities to drive growth and boost their bottom lines. Frome showed an almost 23% growth in the number of businesses advertising online, putting it at the top in the UK for online business activity. The Internet is contributing massively towards the overall UK economy, and we want to encourage and help more small businesses to get online and succeed online.”
According to the Boston Consulting Group, companies with an online presence grow from four to eight times faster than those companies without. Google, through its online advertising service, can assess the strength of online commercial activity in the UK and the specific areas showing the most potential.
To compile this list, Google shortlisted the 700 towns with the highest online economic activity, and then ranked them in terms of the percentage increase in local small and medium sized enterprises using AdWords over the last year. Frome came in 6th, with 32.7% growth in 2010 to 2011, indicating that the town’s entrepreneurial online businesses are boosting growth across the area.
In recognition of Frome’s eTown status and to encourage other small and medium sized enterprises to join the growing success of online commerce, Google is offering businesses the ability to receive free telephone support to create their first online advertising campaign and £50 worth of free credit. Interested businesses should visit for more information.

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