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Issue 340 – New ‘everyman’ version of Saxonvale planning brief unveiled

Although highly praised and endorsed by Kevin McCloud, the Saxonvale Planning Brief, which was compiled by Mendip District Council had a major flaw – it was too lengthy.

That’s according to Frome Civic Society which has now stepped in and unveiled an ‘everyman’ version of the planning brief.
Frome Civic Society said, “The Saxonvale Planning Brief is a long, weighty document, expensive to purchase, time-consuming to read and full of technical jargon, which the average lay reader will struggle to comprehend. Although there is a copy publicly available in the library, it is rarely consulted. Online access can be difficult to navigate.”
Turning its attentions to this problem, the Civic Society has come up with the solution and produced a summary of the brief.
The planning brief cuts to the chase, identifying the key features and factors that have been agreed by the community as the guiding principles to be central in the re-development of this important site. The 12 page document can be downloaded online at http:// and is available to view at the Frome Information Centre, Hunting Raven bookshop and Cheese & Grain.
It is hoped that a printed version will be available shortly. The civic society says, “It is in the interests of all who care about the re-development of the Saxonvale site that they have read and are familiar with the planning brief.”
A stalwart core of members of Frome Civic Society, comprised of architects and planners, regularly performs the valuable task of reviewing planning applications and development proposals, and then passes their comments to the town council’s planning committee.
These professionals offer free advice and guidance voluntarily because they have the long-term best interests of the town at heart and they say that the town council lacks this sort of expertise. Over the years they have provided a vital service to Frome that is rarely recognised.

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