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Issue 341 – Christmas concert will mark centenary of brass bands in Frome

FROME Town Youth Band will mark the 100th anniversary of having a brass band in Frome, with a special Christmas concert.

The band will perform classic Christmas songs, as well as marches and music to reflect past times, dating back to 1911 when a brass band was first introduced in Frome.
The concert will take place at Frome Memorial Theatre on Saturday 10th of December at 7.30pm.
Jim Boulter, who has held the role of Frome Youth Band manager since its inception in 1997, says that the centenary will add a twist to their annual Christmas concert. He said, “There will be the traditional songs but also music to reflect the times.
“There has been a brass band in Frome now since 1911, where a few musicians formed under the title Frome Town Military Band. Over the years, this has evolved into what we have today.
“The main aim of Frome Youth Town Band is to promote music as an enjoyment and entertainment. The band has the title of Youth Band because that was the age group it was aimed at.
“Over the years many of the mums and dads felt the need to participate with their youngsters. This is why we have adult members. The adults also have the time-consuming role of all the background running of the organisation.
“Our former conductor Terry Mounsher has helped build an excellent reputation for the band, with John Turner continuing his excellent standard.”
With 14 years under him as band manager, Jim says he has many highlights, but one in particular stands out. “I remember playing The One Show, which was putting on a feature to twin with Frome. It was fantastic, a really great atmosphere,” he said.
The band now has in excess of 50 members, many of whom are under 16 years old and some as young as eight. The band provides musical tuition plus a musical instrument and uniform for all members.

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