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Issue 344 – Frome group to appear in Corrie!

CORONATION Street star, Sally Dynevor (who plays Sally Webster) welcomed the winner of a recent fund raising auction for the Merlin Theatre, Angela Moss, and her guest Daphne Meenan, to the set of the famous soap recently.

They were joined by mayor, Nick White and Claudia Pepler from the Merlin, who were invited by Sally Dynevor. As a special surprise the foursome will be part of a scene which will be broadcast on Monday 9th January.
Angela Moss made the winning bid in the auction to raise funds for the Merlin Theatre. Actor Sally Dynevor lived in Frome for a number of years and performed on the Merlin stage in shows with SATCO and the Frome Drama Club, so the Merlin’s future is a cause that is close to her heart.
Claudia Pepler said, “We were given the full tour of the behind the scene activities including makeup, wardrobe, and production. We then went into one of the studios which basically is a huge warehouse packed with very familiar sets. We got to pull a pint in the Rovers and pinch some sweets from the Kabin, before watching a scene being filmed in Eileen Grimshaw’s lounge.
“We met many of the cast members who were hugely generous with their time, including over lunch in the canteen, another of Frome’s local residents, Stephanie Cole.
“Sally kept the best surprise until last and that was for us to be involved in a scene with Dev, Sunita and Amber. The programme will go out on 9th January, second scene after the ad break so make sure you programme your reminder!”

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