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Issue 348 – Frome author’s Legend of Frog returns

FROME author Joffre White has recently released book two in his Frog series; Frog and the Sandspiders of Aridian.Following on from the success of last year’s first title Frog, Joffre is looking to turn the series into a quadrilogy.His second novel sees Chris Casey return as the legendary Frog. This time round, he is unexpectedly accompanied by his best friend Billy Smart. Set in the second Dimension of Aridian, a scorched desert world where most of the population live underground, he meets new allies including the young Nadiah and her energy-wielding girls of the Sisterhood along with a mysterious character known only as The One.Join Frog as desperate enemies and monstrous creatures pursue him at heart stopping and break neck speeds through the underground waterways and caverns of Aridian.Joffre’s work is now available online at amazon. www.

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