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Issue 348 – Town team will bid for ‘Mary Portas’ money

Frome Town Council is set to work with organisations, businesses and individuals from across the town to put together a Town Team joint bid to get a share of the Portas Pilot funding being offered by the Department for Communities and Local Government. 12 towns across the country will get a share of the million pound jackpot and many towns have already announced that they will be applying.  The scheme was set up following a review led by Mary Portas, TV’s “Queen of Shops” and is designed to be a chance for towns to try out innovative ideas to bring the life back to their high street.Frome’s Town Team is hoping that it can present a picture of a town which is good at innovation and has had some notable successes in recent years.  The aim is to attract more people into the town all year round with the right financial support and strong leadership to make it happen.The first meeting of the Town Team to make it all happen is taking place on Thursday 15th March at Divas Cafe at the Black Swan at 9.00am.  Many businesses and organisations have been invited to send a representative, but if you feel that you would really like to contribute, the group would love to hear from you.  Please email or join our facebook group – Frome Town Team to offer support.

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