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More work needed before 20mph zones can be introduced

THE POSSIBILITY of a 20mph speed restriction through the town centre should consider the town as a whole before any decisions are made, say town councillors.

Councillors also agreed that they should wait for the results of a feasibility study into the concept of ‘shared space’ in the Market Place, which could also have a bearing on whether or not a 20mph speed restriction is imposed through the town. Although a town council committee had previously recommended approving up to £10,000 for introducing a 20mph speed limit, the full council decided more work needed to be done first. The council suggested obtaining data from Speedwatch regarding the speeds of motorists throughout the town, whilst waiting for the results of the shared space feasibility study. They also requested a more precise figure for the cost. Councillors questioned whether a 20mph limit would be enforcable, and asked whether it would deter more reckless drivers.

Cllr Nick White said, “People who drive irresponsibly will drive irresponsibly regardless of signs.” Cllr Eve Berry added, “You’re not going to deter those people doing 40mph or 50mph in a 30mph area. This is an awful lot of money to waste when there’s already a feasibility study.” Cllr Claire Hudson said, “I’m quite concerned that the focus of this is the town centre. This should be a whole town approach.”