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What makes you proud of Frome?

FROME – a place where we love to live, work, socialise, and shop. But what is it that makes you so proud of your town?

This week, we want to hear what makes you proud of Frome? Simply tweet us @frometimes and include the  hashtag #proudoffrome ; or you can leave your comments on our facebook page at www.

Whether it is Frome’s people, organisations, parks, shops, buildings, sense of community, facilities, events, or anything else you love about your town, let us know! And you can visit our twitter and facebook pages to see what others think as well.

We’ve already heard from some of Frome’s well-known figures. Actor Mark McGann says, “What makes me proud of Frome is its incredible community, which is represented by creative excellence, fierce individuality, political awareness, social compassion and a ‘live and let live’ inclusiveness.

“Frome is not so much a Town as a Happening, and I suspect an important one at that. I have never been so happy to live anywhere and feel privileged and proud to call it our home.”

Frome mayor, cllr Pippa Goldfinger says, “What makes me proud of Frome is that it’s very friendly and welcoming. The people are so active and that means there’s just so much to do in Frome. We’ve so many clubs, community activities, and charities, and we’re incredibly vibrant for such a small town.

“Another thing is that Frome is a really pretty town, without being ‘chocolate boxy’, it’s got some great buildings and features that we should look after and cherish.”