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This is what makes you proud of Frome!

FROM Frome’s fantastic sense of community, to its creative excellence and artistic opportunities, you have come forward with some great reasons why you are ‘proud of your town’.

In the last issue of the Frome Times we asked: what makes you proud of Frome? The town’s community spirit, markets, health and educational facilities, independent shops, open debates, creativity and eclectic mix of people are just some of the aspects you have highlighted.

You can continue to leave your comments on twitter @frometimes with hashtag #proudoffrome or leave a comment on facebook page at Here are some of the comments on what makes you proud of Frome:

Sara Coffield: “The community spirit! Intelligent and caring people on a mission to make the world a better place! (or Frome at least…)”

OpenStorytellers Frome: “The people!”

Museums & Galleries: “It’s creativity. There aren’t many towns the size of Frome that can offer what Frome can across the creative spectrum.”

Kelly Louise Lewis: “Always loads going on and such creative people”

Rook Lane Arts: “Proud of our AMAZING network of volunteers, who work tirelessly in support of our arts and community centres.”

Frome and District Scouts: “the fantastic young people and leaders working hard in the name of scouting across the town.”

Tim Osmond: “Our precious shops, independent local politicians, open debates, Fromies, incomers, festivals, parks, gigs…”

Dave Watkins: “Proud to be part of FromeFM – now launched on 96.6 – just hope the locals support us and tune in!”

Sam Phripp: “I’m proud of Frome Town – our brilliant team.”

Claire Hudson: “We have excellent schools in Frome, including Critchill School who do a great job with our SEN children.”

FromeTV: “Adore the creative community. If it can happen anywhere, then it can happen in Frome.”

Somerset Care: “We are proud to be a part of Frome.”

Professor Bubbles: “Our fantastic new hospital, GPs surgery & Somerset Care care homes make me proud of Frome.”

Cheese & Grain Frome: “People acting in Frome: no ‘would if I could’. Community spirit, arts scene, markets.”

Jase: “The new park developments in Welshmill: we finally have two amazing park areas in town for children.”

The Market Yard: “We’re proud of how many young people there are in Frome doing great things – theatre, music, business, crafts…”

Harliee Ware: “Proud of Frome for all the children’s activities available!” Dave Gill “It’s eclectic mix of people always striving to make it a better place to visit; a better place to work; a better place to live!”

PAC: “The wonderful support of the local community who fundraise for and support PAC so that we can support those locally who have been affected or bereaved by cancer and other life threatening illnesses.”

Ben Peter Scott: “The legendary UK psychobilly band Frenzy and Raves from the Grave”

Cara Dillon, who has lived in Frome for the last ten years, says, “Being from a small town in Northern Ireland, where everyone knows everyone, Frome has really become my home from home. The people here are really hard to beat. So many people are so friendly, and I’ve met some of my best friends here. Being away a lot, I love coming back here and inviting family to things like the Artisan Market and visit independent artists. Frome is a place where everyone is making an effort.”