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Carved seat in place beside river

THE  Frome Recreation and Open Grounds Supporters group – FROGS – continues to work hard to develop the Welshmill Greenway park in partnership with Frome Town Council.  

Funding was obtained from the Community Spaces (part of the Big Lottery which is managed by Groundwork UK) and some of the grant was to create a useful, but also artistic feature which was in keeping with the nature of the surroundings along this wildlife corridor approach into the town centre.

Anthony Rogers, local artist and sculptor created a bespoke carved wooden bench for Welshmill River Walk.  With the assistance of Frome Town Council staff Anthony managed to find a gap in the rain earlier in July to make sure it was established alongside the rest of the works at Welshmill.

Anthony ran workshops with children and adults in the area to get ideas for the design of the bench.   At one event children made clay sculptures of animals and foliage and familiar things that they see at the park which Anthony was able to use for inspiration.

Anthony said, “I enjoyed making this seat as my family and I walk along this path everyday on our way to school.  I have included all the images and ideas that came from the children we met.”

Alice McColl, FROGS volunteer said, “Seeing this bench now in location really enhances what a beautiful spot this is by the river.  I have already seen countless people sitting on it and enjoying the scenery.

“We decided not to locate it in the play park where there is going to be more seating as we wanted to make sure it was for everyone (adults with children and without).  It also helps to build upon the ideas people gave us in the consultation period linking the different spaces along the Welshmill River Walk.”

In addition to the bench Anthony will be making four carved wooden way-marker posts located at intervals along the riverside path.  These will be in place in time for the celebration in September.

Welshmill Park re-opened a few days into the school holidays. Although some of the park features were not in place, the new bike track and play tower recently passed the safety inspection, much to the delight of waiting children.