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Inspiring a generation: sports fever hits Frome

FANTASTIC performances from Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics has led to sports fever in Frome, with the hope that Olympic enthusiasm will inspire the next generation of sporting enthusiasts in the town. 

Members of local sports clubs have been spurred on to train harder and faster after celebrating the successes of their heroes. And with a wealth of sporting opportunities in Frome, local clubs are welcoming new members who have been inspired by the Olympics to get involved.

Pam Dixon of Frome Canoe Club said, “It’s been very exciting in the club with a lot of discussion and comment and we went on the radio to tell the public what it’s all about! We’ve seen an increase in participation in the competitive discipline of slalom – our last slalom training session was full to bursting!”

Richard Hounsell, from the Frome section of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, said both the Tour de France and Olympic cycling successes have been thrilling for the club. A group from the club even had the chance to watch part of the Tour de France in Belgium. “We’ve all been following the events avidly and been very keen!” he said. “I’d like it if we now got some more young people coming in, and we’d like to build up the number of ladies as well.”

Andy Savage, from Frome Selwood Tennis Club said, “Our members have found it very exciting and I think generally with all the sports, members have been quite excited. We had a try-out session on a weekend, and we’re also offering temporary membership [available until the end of August] to give people the chance to have a go.”

For Frome Running Club, the Olympics is just the latest boost to a growing club of enthusiastic participants. Robin-Mark Schols from the club said, “We’ve stepped forward in the community and we’ve had three fully subscribed beginners’ courses which gets you from couch to 5K, and we have a junior section starting this year.  We’re also still basking in the success of the half marathon [in Frome]. It’s a good, friendly, inclusive club.

“I think running, triathlons and cycling are very popular sports at the moment. On a local level, I think the success of clubs like Frome Running Club is not only communicating what good fun it is, but the success of national sides – people want to emulate that.” sports-clubs has a list of some of the sporting opportunities available in Frome, including the clubs above.




“I could do that”



IF you’ve been inspired to improve your health and fitness by watching Team GB you can download some inspiring free 10-minute training programmes, healthy eating programmes and podcasts at the NHS Choices “Get fit with the Olympics” website. (

There is an abundance of fitness tips from top athletes and advice on how to improve your health by getting started with some basic exercise.

Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, MBE, who won a gold medal in both the 800 metre and 1,500 metre races in Athens in 2004 said, “The Olympic Games enables a country to inspire a new generation of young people to think ‘I could do that’.

“They don’t have to be the best at it.  But they can be the best that they can be.  Being active brings health benefits as well.  For me sport is about having confidence, self esteem, leadership skills, communication skills, learning discipline and respect, especially for youngsters.”

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