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Russell Brand visits Frome

COMEDIAN Russell Brand was recently spotted doing a spot of shopping in Frome, ahead of a performance at the Theatre Royal in Bath.

Russell Brand, known for his controversial stand- up comedy shows, paid a visit to Raves from the Graves on Cheap Street on Friday 31st of August.

Accompanied by a six- strong entourage, he purchased DVDs, chatted to shop assistants and had his photograph taken with people in the shop.

Richard Churchyard from Raves from the Graves said, “At first, we didn’t recognise him, but then he introduced himself and was very friendly.

“He laid down on the floor and browsed through the DVDs. He purchased a Blackadder DVD box-set and The Wicker Man.

“He is exactly the same as he is on television, full of charisma and comical about everything. He did compliment the shop and the town.

“His presence definitely brought a lot of attention to the shop.”

Raves from the Graves is no strangers to top celebrities coming through their door. The shop has been graced by the likes of Van Morrison, Rick Wakeman, Pee Wee Ellis and Cara Dillon.

Russell also paid a visit to Amica, on Cheap Street. Sales assistant Stacy Marklew said that it was “unreal” to see him. “He was lovely. He asked if we would like photographs and gave me a hug. I didn’t know if it was him at first but then when he said hello, you could tell it was him.”

Above: Russell gives Stacy a hug.