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TV presenter’s alpaca jumper grown and made in Frome!

A JUMPER that was made by a Frome group for TV presenter Kevin McCloud,  was on display at a craft fair in the town last week.
The jumper, made from wool from Bollinger the alpaca in Rudge, was weaved, spun and sewn by Frome Textiles Workshop, who displayed the garment at a fair on Thursday 18th of October in the United Reformed Church.
The jumper was made as part of Channel 4 programme, ‘Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home,’ a new series where he attempts to construct a house built entirely by himself and live off the land. The episode featuring the jumper was aired on Sunday 14th of October.
Jane Lewis who helped create the garment said, “It must have taken around 100 hours to make. Weaving alpaca wool is very difficult, so we mixed it with regular wool.
“It was interesting to see myself on TV, talking to Kevin, but it is a really fun programme. If we were to sell the garment, it would go for around £100.”
Frome Textile Workshop will be a part of the Artisan Market set for Sunday 2nd of December. You can visit their workshop at the United Reformed Church and see how the weavers work. Gifts will also be available to purchase.