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eBay trader’s guide to success

A FROME eBay trader is now selling the secrets of her success in a new book, ‘The Easy eBay Business Guide’. 

Cathy Hayes decided to become an eBay trader when she found herself out of work during the recession. Having turned over £100,000 in her first 12 months of trading, she has now published a book to help other eBay traders. The book is available to buy from Amazon.

Cathy explained, “My manual is one of only two written by UK eBay traders. Mine is directed specifically at people who want to set up a ‘Buy it Now’ business, however, the book does contain helpful hints and tips that can be used by all eBay traders.

“My top eBay tip would be to follow the rules of my book! Be tenacious, hardworking and follow the eBay rules as laid out and it will absolutely work for you.

“I would advise never to list a product line without researching it thoroughly.  It is about following a formula and if you try and guess what products will sell, in the end you will fail and be left with a heap of redundant stock.

“It is very hard work at the beginning, but I have gone from working up to 16 hours a day to now, two years later, working a very leisurely four hours a day with a comfortable income.  My goal is now to design a course based on the content of the book, to help others achieve a flexible working life that they are in control of and that brings them an all important income.”

Cathy explains how she became an eBay trader herself. “The recession was in full swing and having read an article about some successful eBayers overseas, I thought there would be no harm in giving it a go myself.

“It started with me emptying my loft of all the usual hoard in a loft space and the rest is history as they say.  I started off with car boot sale products, slowly moving on to clearance websites until I eventually built a catalogue of wholesale suppliers that I work with to this day.  I turned over £100,000 in my first 12 months of trading and what started as a broom cupboard full of stock is now a double garage full!

“I think my absolute best and most memorable sale was right at the beginning.  I purchased a Retro Style ‘Dualit’ Filter Coffee machine from my local car boot sale in London for £2 and sold it on eBay after a 7-day auction for £52.00, making a 2500% profit.  I don’t think, to this day, that I have matched that one!”