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£25,000 for Frome Youth Centre

FROMEYouth and Community Centre will benefit from a cash boost of almost £25,000 from Somerset County Council.

Frome county councillors  Maggy Daniell, Alvin Horsfall and Peter John successfully brought forward a bid for Mendip YMCA, who now run the centre. The grant of £24,806 has come from the second round of Somerset County Council’s community enablement grants. The grants seek to help local community-based groups.

Maggy Daniell said, “Mendip YMCA has filled the gap by taking over the running of the youth and community centre in Vallis Way.  It has an initial contract for two years and hopes that by redesigning the space and using it in a more efficient way, the building will become viable and of greater use to the community at large.

“Our bid for nearly £25,000 was successful and some of this will be used to research youth provision in Frome and show where gaps exist, or are likely to occur, which could be filled by either the town council or the YMCA.”

Mark Bearcroft, of the youth centre, said, “The idea is we’re going to go out and map what Frome has to offer. It’s a really important exercise for future funding and resources.”

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