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No Independents for Frome candidates in county elections

AFTER  a thorough discussion the IFF Group on the town council has decided not to put up IFF candidates for the county elections in May.

Nick White, ex mayor and  IFF councillor said,  “We thought long and hard about this. It was a tough one. In the end we decided that it was just too distracting, and perhaps too distant from our core and original ambitions.

“The prospect of travelling for two and a half hours every time there is a meeting in Taunton, to be faced by serried ranks of old style opposition councillors discussing issues, many of which are very remote from Frome, was seen as not very profitable. I for one was not  looking forward to that scenario with a sense of optimism.

“Our present county councillors appear to have been  unable to make a major  impact for Frome despite their best endeavours, so why would a small group of councillors from outside a party structure fare any better?

“In addition, some of your readers will have noticed a sudden increase in manufactured councillor activity, both from prospective and existing county councillors. We suspect that this will be followed by a concerted campaign to rubbish the town council; already we are having strange and inaccurate questions about the performance of the town council being asked by councillors at a Mendip Council meeting. We just feel that this style of politics is a distraction and one that the public does not appreciate.

“So we intend to stick with our original principles and concentrate our energies on the positives in Frome, completing  the many worthwhile projects  we have started, and which will come to fruition in the next couple of years.

“However we still believe in the power of Independents and our decision does not prevent any individual in town from standing as an independent,  I would encourage them to do so.

“If they do throw their hat in the ring I am sure IFF councillors and supporters will help where they can.”