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Frome Town Council clarifies confusion over Mendip District Council tax bill

FROME Town Council has asked for only a 2.8% inflationary increase in the amount it receives from Council Tax payers in Frome from April.

Mendip District Council’s Council Tax Bill, which landed on doormats on Monday 18th March, says that Frome Town Council is asking for nearly 19%.

This is not the case.

The complicating factor on MDC’s bill is that changes to Government policy relating to the Council Tax Benefit Scheme mean that Frome households will have to pay on average an extra £16.43 per year. Unfortunately, MDC has placed this amount under Frome Town Council’s section of the Council Tax bill while none of it will come to Frome.

Cllr Toby Elliot, Chair of the FTC’s Internal Affairs Committee said, “This is a mean spirited change and one that is very confusing. Residents of Frome will get no benefit from this extra £16 and indeed many people will be worse off. It is a pity that MDC did not make this clear in their bill.”

Worried local residents should contact Mendip Council on 0845 300 3352.