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The man behind the Frome Festival…

EVERY year the Frome Festival presents an eclectic programme of events drawing visitors from near and far, and as creative director, Martin Dimery spearheads this effort to bring something ‘something extra-ordinary’ to the town. 

Martin took on the role as creative director of the Frome Festival in 2008, having already been involved with the festival through his role as programme manager at the Cheese and Grain.

Martin, who has lived in Frome for around 30 years, has always been a stalwart for the arts, putting his time and effort into local activities – as well as performing himself. Now, much of his effort is dedicated towards the Frome Festival.

Martin said, “Much of the job is piecing together different elements. Many of the creative ideas come from the venues themselves; the pubs and galleries come up with their own ideas for the festival, and it’s down to us to try and balance that programme and add to it to do something extraordinary for 10 days.

“It’s a template for a good festival. We see it referred to again and again as an example of what festivals can do; we are mentioned favourably in national newspapers. We’re a relatively small town working on an extra small budget, relying hugely on volunteers.”

Martin says that much of the challenge is creating a great festival from a small budget, and bringing in up-and-coming performers.

“We get comedians on really good deals while they’re trying out new material. We’ve got hold of performers just at the time they were becoming really big – we got them before they got so successful; we couldn’t afford them again!”

• The Frome Festival will take place on 5th-14th July. The box office opens on May 21st.