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Ten thousand online registrations and rising for Frome Medical Practice!

THE Frome Medical Practice recently welcomed its 10,000th patient registering online. 

With a total patient list of 29,000, 35% of the practice has now gone online. Once registered online, patients can then arrange for themselves on their computer screen or smart phone, not only appointments and repeat prescriptions, but also to receive test results.

Mike Whitburn, practice manager said, “To have our 10,000th patient register online is truly impressive. This is especially the case when you consider that we started from nothing only two years ago.

“Using our online service means that for many patients it is a lot quicker and more convenient. For the practice, it means that we are then able to free up valuable resources. This is a service that works for everyone.”

At the beginning of April, as part of a major reform of the NHS, powers were given to the new NHS Commissioning Board. One of the main drivers of the Board is to ensure that as many patients as possible have online access.

Mike added, “We are certainly ahead of most practices with online registrations. Not only are our patients registering, but we now have over 2,000 patients actively using the service every month.”

In order to register, this can be done securely and easily by clicking on to the website at www.fromemed ical Help is always available from the reception desk at the new Health Centre at Enos Way. However, the practice is also aware that there are patients who either do not have online access or may simply prefer to pick up the telephone.

Mike added, “Of course, patients are still more than welcome to pick up the phone to make an appointment. The number remains the same on 01373 30130. Test results can also be obtained over the phone. More and more patients are however choosing to use our services online. Additionally, patients using our website  can also register to have a copy of our regular eNewsletter sent to them. News and services available are also sent out regularly on Twitter @FromeMedPractic.’