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Frome gets a visit from Gujarat, India

FROME College had the pleasure of hosting a visit from two teachers from India and their two sons on Wednesday 22nd May.  

Chris and Pearly Noel, and their sons Roham and Dinesh were accompanied by Lis Bolton, deputy head of St. John’s First School as part of their partnership.

Mrs Noel is head teacher at Hope Foundation School in Bhuji, Gujurat and as part of the partnership programme with St John’s, the family visited Frome College.  They were given a guided tour of the site by Gavin Ball (principal), Damon Johnson (achievement team leader) and Bill Owsley (head of international faculty).

The family were impressed by the facilities available to the students and were interested to know of the impact this had on students’ motivation.

The group then met in Mr Ball’s office to discuss cultural differences and similarities.  It was impressive to hear that both sons already spoke at least five languages at the age of 13.  Despite the lack of facilities in their Indian schools, the family commented on the appetite of their youth to learn.

Mr Noel stated that education was the key to escaping poverty in their country and this would explain the hunger for knowledge in their schools.

Frome College would like to thank Lis Bolton for arranging for the family to visit, and look forward to further contact in the future.