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New book for Frome author

AFROME author says being ‘young at heart’ has helped her write books for children. tara mooney, frome, somerset, trixie and the hidden secrets,

Tara Mooney is a self-published author who has just released her new book, ‘Trixie and the Hidden Secrets,’ which is aimed at children aged 9+.

Tara explains, “Trixie is a teenager left with a legacy of hidden secrets, and after her mother’s death, the secrets from her past begin to unfold. Trixie also has an ability no other teenager has, she has an ability to hear people’s thoughts through touch, and can make things happen without touching. But as she is getting older, her abilities are becoming more powerful.”

Tara has also written two children’s illustrated books, and a family fantasy book called ‘The Land of Magical Adventures.’ She says, “I found writing children’s books fun and enjoyable, as I would describe myself as ‘young at heart’ and I love spending time with my grandchildren when I get to see them.”

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