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A new approach to birthing from Frome woman, Lucy Hewitt

FORMER psychology teacher at Frome College Lucy Hewitt, after the birth of her third child, has decided to use her psychology and NLP training to take her career in a new direction.  

She will now be teaching classes in a new method which helps expectant mum’s and their birthing partner’s to enjoy a calm, relaxed and more comfortable birth. Lucy has already helped many mothers to have positive birth experiences.  Natalie and Peter Jeffery took classes with Lucy before the birth of their daughter Millie, now 14 months.

Natalie had a textbook natural birth with no need for pain relief.  She said, “What was important to me about my birth was having knowledge, feeling prepared and a lack of fear.  Having done classes with Lucy I wasn’t scared going into labour – I was looking forward to it.  It was important for Pete to feel that he knew what to do as well and he did.”

Cathy and Rik Lyall, owners and directors of the Milk Street Brewery, Frome, and The Griffin pub have done classes with Lucy for the births of both of their children.  Cathy had an elective caesarean with her first baby due to him being breech.  She said, “Lucy’s courses helped me approach both my first c-section and my second birth in a calm, confident way.  I went into it with a knowledgeable and calm approach and with no fear.”

In the wake of rumours that Kate Middleton had used hypnobirthing in preparation for the birth of Prince George, Cathy gave birth to her second baby Nancy – just one week later – using the same techniques.  Lucy was at the birth and said, “It was a long labour but Cathy stayed calm throughout, listening to her body and making good decisions for herself and her baby.”

Lucy says of the hypnobirthing approach, “It is about giving women the birth that they want, whatever that might be – helping them to learn that their body is perfectly capable of bringing a baby into the world and that they can trust that process.  Teaching expectant mums relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis helps them to reduce pain in labour and allows them to feel calm, confident and in control of their birthing.”

Michelle Sheppard said of her daughter Emily’s birth, “I couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying than giving birth before the course, with Lucy’s help though that fear disappeared and I even looked forward to the big day.  I stayed calm and relaxed throughout most of my labour without the need for pain relief.”

A range of courses with different prices are available every month in Frome. Visit or contact Lucy on 07590 259000 Email: