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What a year it’s been for Frome – Mayor of Frome

IT has been another big year for Frome – and the town is still ‘on the up’, says Frome’s mayor, cllr Dickon Moore, in his Christmas message. 

And cllr Moore reflects that it is the people of Frome – and their fantastic sense of community – that “makes this town great.”

Cllr Moore says, “What a year it has been for Frome. We have enjoyed some fantastic events; the Frome Festival, The Frome ‘Supermarkets’ and of course the hugely successful Christmas Extravaganza with Jenson Button switching on the Christmas lights.

“Among other positive changes in the town, the Cheese & Grain renovation and investment project is almost complete, and the Frome Supermarket has been set up. There are lots of projects currently under way, one of which, ‘Fair Frome’ will tackle poverty in the town through a variety of means, including the setting up of a town food bank.

“Our challenge for the coming year is to follow through on some ambitious goals the Frome Town Council have set, and get the best for Frome.

“Christmas is a time of giving, and I’m glad to see the continued success of Frome’s Big Christmas Get Together, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be with others at Christmas. Projects like these show how much people are willing to improve their community and get involved in their town. Speaking to people in the town there is a sense that this attitude of involvement is having an effect; Frome is on the up.

“It’s the people that make this town great, and to those people I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”