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The world’s media was watching Frome

JENSON Button’s dramatic Formula 1 drive through the streets of Frome in November attracted attention from around the world and Frome Town Council says they are overwhelmed by the excitement it caused. 

The council says, “On the 29th November something truly astounding happened in our town and it’s a event that will continue to live in the minds of Frome people for many years to come. The smell of burning rubber, the roar of that engine, the enchantment on the faces of our children – the Frome Grand Prix will undoubtedly be the event of a generation but we don’t think anyone realised quite how global the news would become.

“News reports came in thick and fast from as far and wide as New Zealand, San Francisco and Dubai. Who would have thought at the beginning of 2013 that the Frome Extravaganza would make international news?

“Did you know that over 2 million people read our reviews, watched our videos, listened to our news reports and followed the story of our Frome Grand Prix online and on TV in the weeks following this monumental event? Frome has never been more cool!

“Here is just a brief look at some of the places where the world read about the Frome Grand Prix:-

Local press – 23,000 readers.

Facebook – 3644 FB views of the competition status, generated over 685 shares in FB alone. Posted as a main news story on 5 additional Facebook groups reaching over 12,000 people.

Sports websites – 20,000 people.

Jenson Button’s Twitter – 1,645,658 followers.

You Tube – All videos combined 58,567 views

BBC – 15,000

Radio approximation – 25,000

The Daily Mail – This story was ‘shared by 3,607 of their readers and as over 1.77million people access The Daily Mail daily, if only 10% of their readers read the story that’s a staggering 177,000 people.