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Fair Frome hand out kitchen packs for local residents

Nikki Cox and Allan MacDonald

Nikki Cox and Allan MacDonald

THE first families to receive packs of donated kitchen equipment say thank you to Fair Frome and the many people who have donated kitchen utensils for their project. 

The packs equip local people with basic kitchen utensils, which will help them cook and share meals at home.

The pilot project, set up earlier this month, which provides both local individuals and families with packs of practical equipment, has been well received by donors and recipients.

Local father of three, Allan MacDonald, the first person to receive a pack said, “It will be of tremendous benefit.  It will allow my family to prepare freshly cooked meals, and for me to share meal times with my sons.  It will also be of great help financially, as money is very tight at present.”

The project has also been supported by ASDA who donated colanders and tin openers, and have pledged their support and wished Fair Frome good luck with the project, and local business Millers, who have also supported the project.

Nikki Cox of Fair Frome said, “This project has been such a great success and we have been overwhelmed with the generosity and community spirit of local people.  We are still ready to receive more donations, and in particular would like can openers, plastic storage boxes, cheese graters and large metal spoons.   We are also looking for a volunteer or two who would like to help us coordinate this project going forward.”

The packs include knives, forks, spoons and plates so that families can eat together, and saucepans, wooden spoons, potato peelers, mixing bowls, whisks,  chopping boards and much more to enable families to cook meals at home.

Donations can be taken to the Fair Frome Hub, situated at 5 Palmer Street, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10.00am-12.00noon.

If you would like to know more about receiving a kitchen pack or volunteering with Fair Frome please contact Nikki Cox  or tel: 07714 587129.

Pictured: Nikki Cox and Allan MacDonald