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Buckland Dinham residents give roadside waste the sack

19 bin bags full of rubbish – that’s what a group of angry Buckland Dinham residents collected from a short stretch of the road leading into the village in just two hours on a recent Sunday morning.

Organiser Debbie Cary said, “I’d become truly fed up seeing all the rubbish on the sides of the main road into Buckland. Much of it had been hidden in the hedges but since these were cut all you’ve been able to see as you come into the village from Frome was a tidal stream of paper, plastic bags, bottles and all kinds of other stuff people were just too lazy to take home.

“Something had to be done so a group of us got together on Sunday morning and cleared up everything we could.

“We also got rid of an old lorry tyre that had been thrown into a hedge and a number of bits of cars and we also filled one bag with packaging that had clearly come from a take away in Frome. There was probably a lot more that came from there too but as it wasn’t clearly branded we couldn’t prove it.

“The entrance to the village looks so much better and we hope that people will be discouraged from throwing their rubbish out of their car windows now that the roadside doesn’t look like a tip any more!”