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New guest artist at Frome’s Owl Gallery

TESS Wakeling and her lighting range Luma Room are now at the Owl Gallery. 

Tess said, “I make handmade lamps and light shades using natural materials, pattern and texture. Whether folded, cut-out, ripped or woven all materials are lovingly crafted by hand, perfect for those looking for a unique, beautiful object to transform their space.

“My lights have a muted colour palette and will suit contemporary or vintage-style homes with their restful patterns and natural materials. I aim to create desirable lighting that will be enjoyed as a piece of artwork in the home.

“I started designing lighting a couple of years ago after being invited to be part of a decorative arts exhibition in Frome. I discovered the joy of seeing materials like wood or paper light up in unexpected ways, and in playing with light and shadow. I have found that I can combine my love for materials-led sculpture with an interest in interiors and design, and am always open to learning new processes that I can incorporate into my lighting.

“A selection of my lamps and lightshades is available now until May at Owl, 33 Catherine Hill, Frome. Bespoke orders are taken so if you see anything you would like in a different size or colour, please either ask in the shop or contact me directly.”

More information and images can be found at Contact Tess at t.wakeling@ or 07816 411755.