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Frome Stop Wars Campaign Event

Frome Stop Wars Campaign is welcoming back Dan Glazebrook for a talk and signing of his highly praised new book ‘Divide and Ruin’ – The West’s Imperial Strategy In an Age of Crisis’ at The Corner House on Thursday 15th May.

Dan has already given two fascinating talks to Frome Stop Wars audiences, including one last October when he shared the platform with Jeremy Corbyn MP and Dr. Sami Ramadani.  This time Dan will be discussing his new book, ‘Divide and Ruin’ which comprises a series of articles he has written for Counterpunch, Z Magazine, The New Statesman, Morning Star, the Guardian, the Independent and Asia Times amongst others.

‘Divide and Ruin’ being a reference to the former British Empire’s tenet of ‘divide and conquer’, analyses the new strategy of U.S. and British imperialists to employ proxy military forces against those it targets for regime change.  Examples of this are apparent in Libya and Syria. This strategy has been undertaken following  U.S., British and other Western powers’ failure to stabilise Western hegemony in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion.

Among plaudits for Dan’s book, Neil Clark of the Guardian asserts, “Dan Glazebrook is a brilliant writer who sees the bigger picture” and Professor Daniel Kovalik, Professor of International HumanRights, University of Pittsburgh School of Law says, “Dan Glazebrook is one of a handful of authors that I depend upon for valuable insight, information and nourishment. While most of the intellectual world is rushing to support the next NATO act of aggression in the name of ‘human rights’ Glazebrook shows in this book how it is NATO and the West which are undermining peace, security and human rights throughout the globe.”

Dan will be speaking at The Corner House, Christchurch Street, Frome  (BA11 1QA) on Thursday 15th May at 7.30pm. Entrance £2. Enquiries, please call: 01373 839038.