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Frome Weavers urgently need a new home

Frome Weavers’ Workshop desperately needs a new home and wants your help to find one.

The group currently occupies an old school behind the United Reformed Church in Whittox Lane but is urgently looking for a new, large home (2,000 sq. feet) to continue the heritage crafts of spinning, weaving and dyeing from a long history in Frome.

These crafts were discovered and used 20,000 years ago and the principle techniques are still very similar.

Jane Lewis of Frome Weavers said, “In August 2011 we had to find a new home and took a tenancy behind the United Reformed Church. This lease ends in July and our future looks uncertain.

“Weaving has always been a useful skill, providing baskets, clothing, upholstery etc.  Did you know that handloom weaving is used in airplane wings?  It is also being used at Oxford University to research into weaving bandaging to promote healing.  It is not just a pleasurable pastime!”

Can anyone help in finding another home for Frome Weavers? If so, please contact Jane Lewis, 01761 235692 or Frome College, 01373 465353, email office@fromecollege. org